Rescue Dog of the Month August 2018

14 Aug 2018       By admin

I am so so so late choosing the winner this month, firstly apologies for that.

As some of you know I lost my doggy sister Shiver on the 31st July to Mitral Valve Disease then then very next day I lost my sister Honey to IBD. We were floored and totally devastated, it was such a huge shock for us and we miss them terribly. We know they are up at rainbow bridge now looking down on us.

So let’s get on with the main event and tell you who is the winner and who the runners up are…..

Rescue Dog of the Month-Buddy- August 2018

Buddy Rescue of the Month August 2-18

Congratulations Buddy, you are the winner of a Pet Monitor Camera and a £25 donation to the rescue of your choice!

Buddy is owned by Nicola Owst- or maybe that is Nicola is owned by Buddy…

The first photograph was taken when Buddy was rescued, it absolutely broke our hearts to see what terrible condition he was in and what a terrible time he has had. No animal should ever have to endure the things he has.

Buddy’s Story written by Nicola

This is Buddy dog our rescue Staffy. The first photo is of how I found Buddy – the dog who is now a huge part of our family and has become my best friend.

Buddy was abandoned and locked in a crate, dumped on waste land on the outskirts of London. When I first saw him I thought I was looking at a dead dog but then noticed he was breathing. I fished the dog out of the crate and wrapped him in a towel. He smelt of rotting flesh.

I drove the 86 miles back home to our vet constantly checking the little dog was still alive.

Buddy was diagnosed with demodex. He was severely underweight at 3kg when he should weigh 17kgs. Buddy’s paw pads had been burnt away from being left in his own mess and he had a very deep cut to his back leg.

The vet thought Buddy would only survive a few short days – my reply was “If that’s what he’s got I am going to make it the best few days of his life and let him know that he is loved.

It was a long hard struggle to get Buddy back to full health but the second photo is him now, he beat the odds and survived. He had cancer 2 years ago and I chose to go ahead with surgery and chemotherapy as I felt Buddy hadn’t seen enough happy days yet.

Buddy even learnt to tell when my diabetic grandmothers sugar levels where low and to tell her – all with no training.

This little dog is one amazing boy who now lives life to the full.

Runner up prizes


Ella is owned by Shirley Carter, congratulations ladies! You win a £25 donation to the rescue of your choice.

Ella Old Tyme Bulldog runner up

Ella’s Story written by Shirley

Ella is an Old Tyme Bulldog, she spent 7 years with a breeder. She was discarded because she contracted canine herpes from a dog she was bred with that he didn’t health check, she had an internal bleed after being spayed and nearly died, I fostered her and after 5 months of nursing couldn’t let her go.


Casper is owned by Margaret Hazell, congratulations to both of you! You win a £25 donation to the rescue of your choice.

Casper Cavalier King Charles runner up

Casper’s Story written by Margaret

This is our beautiful Casper. He was rescued from a puppy farm almost five years ago, where he was physically abused and kept in a cage he couldn’t even turn round in. When he came to us he had never been on a lead, couldn’t climb stairs and would flinch and squeal if you moved your feet too quickly. It has been a slow journey with Casper, it took over two years before he was brave enough to give us his first kiss and he cowered after he did it. He is a really special boy who will now make the first approaches for a cuddle and is not so wary. He’s wonderful to us.


I am so pleased that we can highlight these poor dogs and the abuse that they suffer so needlessly. Each and every one of the dogs that entered the competition have been let down by bad hoomans, usually because they are greedy.

Thank you all for entering the competition for August. Love and licks, Milo xxx


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