Paltry 9 month prison sentence given to puppy dealer Leigh Hancock

06 Dec 2018       By admin

Leigh Hancock appeared at Gloucester Crown Court on Friday the 30th November charged with money laundering and making misleading statements when selling puppies.

Farmed puppies in pen

Money laundering and deception

Hancock, of Rodley Road, Lydney, who conned buyers by saying that the puppies were raised in the family home and were accidental litters,  pleaded guilty to nine offences which included not declaring he was a breeder and making misleading statements to buyers. He was given a 9 month prison sentence and fined £1,800.

The prison sentence was only given when he was found to have transferred the sum of over £23k from his bank account when he became aware of the search warrant, therefore money laundering.

Trading Standards visited the property and found about 20 Labradors and Golden Retrievers which were kennelled at the rear of the property, as well as litters of pups which were kept in an adapted shed in the back garden.

Around 100 adverts were traced back to Hancock, who used various email addresses and also several different mobile numbers.

Adult breeding dogs in kennels

Puppy buyer not happy with the pathetic fine and sentence

One couple, Tommy and Shirley Cosh from Barrow, bought a golden retriever puppy from Hancock in June 2016, the pup who they named became ill as soon as they arrived home.

After hearing of Hancock’s sentencing, Mr Cosh said: “I am disappointed to hear that he is only getting nine months after everything that we’ve been through with Cody.

“It really does seem too short and it will probably be halved after being released on good behaviour and various other things.

“It seems like a bit of a joke really and the £1800 fine also seems too low.

“It’s important to remember that he has sold many puppies, each one costing at least £675, so I am not sure why he is only being charged this amount.”

This should send out another warning to people looking to buy a puppy to do some research and save themselves a lot of heartache and money in the long run.



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