Myerscough Vets finally withdraw their services to Douglas Hall Kennels

18 Nov 2018       By admin

Too little too late?

Finally after years of tireless campaigning there has been a breakthrough. Douglas Hall Kennels openly sell puppy farmed puppies via their establishment in Pendle in Lancashire.

Until now Myerscough Vets have supported and been the main care provider to Douglas Hall Kennels’ puppies. They have categorically said that the welfare standards have been ‘acceptable’ to them, what has changed?

Statement issued

Myerscough Veterinary Group have posted the following statement on their Facebook page-

Myerscough Vet’s position on Douglas Hall Kennels (DHK)

Myerscough Vets have today written to Douglas Hall Kennels notifying them that we no longer wish to remain their main provider of veterinary care. Recent social media footage had led to some people raising concerns of our association with this company. Our primary concern is always the health and welfare of animals under our care.

We are of firm belief that welfare standards have been acceptable and that all legal requirements have been met at DHK and that over time by continuing to work with DHK we have been able to have a positive influence on standards there. However, in light of recent changes we feel unable to continue to provide services to them. We will continue to work with DHK until such time as they have been able to secure the services of another veterinary practice as the health and welfare of the animals will remain our primary concern.

Why now?

In view of recent events in the headlines, i.e. Little Rascals puppy farm being raided and a large number of dogs removed from the premises, is it not time that vets who treat dogs from these sort of places stand up and be counted.

Myerscough Vets must have an idea of the state that these dogs are kept in, has there not ever been a follow up inspection? Also do they not keep note of clients who have been bringing poorly pups in from places like these.

Is it not their duty of care to do vet reports and then hand them over to the RSPCA? Surely it is their remit to inform the local council that issued the licences in the first place?

It’s clear that DHK use the partnership they have with Myersrcough as a marketing strategy- to make them look good basically.

myerscough veterinary partnership douglas hall kennels

(text taken from DHK website 18/11/18)

What are the conditions really like?

DHK are supplied by a huge puppy farm in northern Ireland named UK Dog Breeding Academy,previously called Furnish Kennels. It is the largest puppy breeding farm in the UK and was licensed for 570 breeding dogs in 2017. 495 of those are breeding bitches and 75 stud dogs.

UK Dog Breeding Academy Northern Ireland

Members of the public are not welcome for obvious reasons.

Douglas Hall Kennels are known to keep their brought in puppies in terrible conditions, recent footage posted by local action group Lancashire Against Puppy Farming proves things are as bad as ever.

Douglas Hall Kennels puppy pen

How can any vet think these conditions are acceptable?

Sign of things to come?


This is small step but not enough, vets need to be seen to working together to get these places closed down. These poor animals deserve better, and so do the prospective owners. They are buying a puppy in good faith, then are faced with mounting vet bills and sometimes they have end their suffering, leaving the family broken-hearted.

Puppy Love Campaigns, Cariad, Lancashire Against Puppy Farming and other organisations are doing a fabulous job but they could do with vets getting on board too, after all it is the welfare of the animals that should be first and foremost.

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