Lucy’s Law Finally Gets The Government's Backing

24 May 2018       By admin

After years of tireless campaigning by animal lovers, Lucy’s Law will finally get the backing of the Government in its fight to ban the sale of puppies in pet shops and other third party dealers.

Lucy’s Law

Lucy’s Law have been campaigning to get the sale of puppies sold in pet shops and third party traders banned.

Greedy puppy farmers around the UK and abroad are making thousands of pounds off the back of breeding dogs illegally, most are cruelly treated, seriously ill and die in appalling conditions.

Award winning Vet Marc Abraham headed the campaign along with Lucy’s Law supporters, including Lisa Garner who rescued a King Charles Spaniel named Lucy from a Rescue Centre. Lucy died in 2016.

Since the death of Lucy, Marc, Lisa and an abundance of empathetic supporters have fought long and hard to get this awful trade in puppies banned and those involved brought to justice.

The Petition

The petition had raised over 143,000 signatures and was handed in to Ten Downing Street.

Minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, has hinted that Lucy’s Law may become a reality and said “ The Government consider there is a merit in exploring this further”. A final decision will be made after all of the responses to the public consultation are looked at which closed on the 2ndMay.

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’

Lisa explained how emotional the day had been, remembering Lucy and all that she went through, there is light at the end of the tunnel in stopping this cruel trade. Dogs are being cruelly bred and ill treated by illegal puppy farmers cashing in on the need for ‘designer dogs’ in the UK, there are so many more Lucy’s out there that need saving.

She went on to say, ‘this is our way of putting things right that have been so wrong for decades’.

Linda Goodman from C.A.R.I.A.D, Care And Respect Including All Dogs  (and also welsh for ‘Beloved’) said “ I’m incredibly hopeful, sometimes it’s like banging your head against a brick wall but now it feels like there is a door in the wall”

Parliament Petition

The petition in Parliament was lead by Scottish Nationalist Martyn Day, he said, there are over 80,000 puppies sold through third party dealers in the UK every year.

“ The sale of puppies through commercial third party dealers both sustains and is dependent upon the existence of puppy farms, where puppies are bred for maximum profit and minimal regard for animal welfare”

He went on to say, “ Lucy’s Law petition was probably the most popular dog welfare petition the government had seen in all time, I would extend my congratulations to all involved”.

Across the board in all parties, MP’s are backing Lucy’s Law. Lisa Cameron of the Scottish National Party has said Lucy was exploited to within an inch of her life, she was a ‘breeding slave’, before being rescued and has been the head of the campaign ever since.





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