Evil Bexleyheath puppy farmer given a suspended sentance

27 Nov 2018       By admin

Glen Hayes, 53 from Bexleyheath in South East London was sentenced at Bexley Magistrates Court on Monday the 26th of November 2018 with the charge of 10 animal welfare offences.

He had previously appeared in court in August and entered a plea of not guilty.

Glen Hayes and Janet Oxlade puppy farmer

Hayes was given a 20 week prison sentence which was suspended for 18 months, ordered to do 250 hours of community service, a fine of £3,500 and told to pay a victim’s surcharge of £115. He was also banned from keeping animals indefinitely.

His partner in crime, Janet Oxlade aged 67, was sentenced back in August 2018 and also faced 10 animal welfare charges which included unnecessary suffering to animals. Her prison sentence of 20 weeks was also suspended for 18 months and she was ordered to pay costs of £2,115 as well as being banned from keeping animal indefinitely.

Cruel couple kept animals in squalid conditions

The RSPCA found a total of 38 dogs and 18 cats when they visited the premises. Amongst them were pedigree cats, Shih Tzu’s, French Bulldogs and Newfoundlands, all of them living in filthy conditions with no proper shelter or heating. The areas were covered in mud and faeces and the animals had nowhere clean to lie.

Bexleyheath puppy farm

One dog, a Newfoundland had legs that were so deformed it couldn’t even walk, others were found with serious dental diseases, infected ears, eye infections, and filthy matted coats.

Exposed following death of a puppy

The puppy farm was brought to light after a couple reported that their Pedigree Dachshund, which they had bought from them, had died from a virus on Christmas Day. This was only one of the 6 complaints regarding this puppy farm that the RSPCA received in the run up to Christmas.

The couple put up a good front, when prospective buyers went to the house, they found it immaculate and never seen the appalling conditions in the back yard where the animals were kept. Janet Oxlade sold the puppies from their ‘pristine’ sitting room at the front of the house- the horrors of the vile conditions were well hidden from view of prospective buyers as it often is.

Pathetic sentencing

Whilst it is good that they were prosecuted, many will feel the same way we do- that the sentence is just not enough.

We need tougher sentences for these appalling crimes, and to send a stern warning and act as a deterrent to other puppy farmers and back yard breeders.


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