Dogs stolen by fake SSPCA officers and used for dog fighting

26 Sep 2018       By admin

Police in Lanarkshire, Scotland, are warning dog owners to be vigilant of criminals claiming to be SSPCA officers, who are then ‘seizing’ dogs and using them as bait in illegal dog fights.


Bogus SSPCA officers


This shocking news has come to light after a number of dogs have been seized by bogus SSPCA officers, who knock on owners’ doors with claims of ‘numerous complaints’ about their dogs. The dogs taken have all been smaller breeds, which have then allegedly been used as bait in illegal dog fights.


‘Bait dogs’ are usually stolen pets who are then used as bait to train larger dogs in awful illegal dog fights, which are sadly still prevalent in society.


Be vigilant


Newarthill Community Council have issued a warning on Facebook, warning pet owners to be vigilant. They claim the criminals will check for houses that have small sized dogs by banging on the gate or making noise to encourage the dog to bark to help them identify its size. If they believe it to be a small sized dog, they will mark the gate or wall with paint. They will then come back later pretending to be a uniformed SSPCA officer, claiming they need to seize the dog after numerous complaints.

It’s claimed there is also a large van that is used to collect the dogs in and if anyone notices anything suspicious, they are to contact the local police. Some of the fake SSPCA officers allegedly have warrants which are also fake.


SSPCA statement


Mike Flynn, Chief Superintendent of the Scottish SPCA addressed the issue when he spoke with the Evening Times.


He said: “We are saddened to hear of people impersonating our inspectors who work hard to build positive community relationships. Under no circumstances will an inspector or animal rescue officer attend an address without full uniform and official identification. The Scottish SPCA uniform can be identified by the branded epaulettes and logo across the front of the jacket. If you are at all unsure about a visit made by one of our inspectors, please call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

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