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Notorious puppy farmer jailed AGAIN - 10 Aug 2018
In a recently published article, we brought to you the story of the London puppy farming gang who made millions selling thousands of sick, dying puppies to unsuspecting buyers over the previous 5 years.  In May 2018, the gang were all sentenced.. Read More

Gumtree Introduce A Compulsory Paywall In A Bid To Deter Illegal Animal Trading - 10 Aug 2018
On the 7thAugust 2018, Gumtree, one of the UK ‘s largest online classified ads sites, announced it will now be introducing a compulsory paywall system in the ‘Pets’ category for anyone looking at selling pets online... Read More

Maximum sentence for animal cruelty now increased - 08 Aug 2018
Despite being a nation of animal lovers, you may be surprised to learn that the current maximum sentence for animal cruelty in England is just six months’ imprisonment. But after a number of courts expressed their wish to hand out tougher sentences, the maximum sentence will now be increased from six months to five years’ imprisonment... Read More

Lucy's Law: The latest - 28 Jul 2018
In the UK, around 80,000 puppies are sold via 3rdparty dealers each year. Most of these puppies come from puppy farms from around the country as well as from Ireland, Wales and Eastern Europe and are usually bred in atrocious conditions with little or no regard to either the puppies’ or mums’ health... Read More

Police seize British and French Bulldogs and puppies in Cardiff drugs raid - 27 Jul 2018
A huge police operation has taken place in Cardiff Bay in which around 180 officers carried out raids at properties in the area; seizing dogs, knifes, luxury cars and over £100,000 cash.  .. Read More

Should you give dogs ice? Conflicting information about keeping dogs cool in a heatwave - 26 Jul 2018
While us humans are able wear cooler clothes and regulate our body temperature, it’s not so easy for dogs; their thick fur coat can mean they’re more susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion. As a result, there has been a lot of conflicting information surrounding the best ways to cool dogs down and whether or not you should give them ice.  .. Read More

New study finds dogs will try and comfort us when we’re upset - 25 Jul 2018
‘Mans’ best friend’ – the old adage we use when describing our beloved dogs. But what truth is there in this statement? Our dogs are part of the family, our fur babies, ones we turn to for comfort and that bring joy into our lives. But how do they feel about us?.. Read More

Australian state backs the banning of 3rd party selling of puppies - 25 Jul 2018
At the beginning of July, the state of Victoria in Australia, began to implement new legislation banning pet shops from selling puppies and kittens from breeders. This new legislation, called the Puppy Farms and Pet Shops Act, will crack down on puppy farms and large-scale animal breeders as it means that pet stores can only sell dogs and cats that have come from registered animal shelters.. Read More

Puppy farm case collapses due to chief witness ‘conflict of interest’ - 24 Jul 2018
Prosecutors investigating the case of a Dunfermline woman facing animal welfare charges, have now dropped their case against Jackie Kemp, after revealing the independent witness was the chair of the SSPCA, the charity investigating her... Read More

Puppy farm gang have sentences INCREASED and Vet involved now receives jail time - 24 Jul 2018
You may remember a story we recently published that was featured across national news, about a puppy farming gang operating in Hayes, London. These puppy farmers imported, bred and fraudulently sold thousands of sick, dying puppies.. Read More

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