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Owner of 4 Paws Rescue to face charges for 51 acts of cruelty - 20 Oct 2018
4 Paws Veterinary clinic and rescue centre which was based in South Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, was raided back in March 2018 by the RSPCA and Humberside Police. Over 160 animals were removed from the premises... Read More

Could Wales be next to implement Lucy’s Law? - 09 Oct 2018
After a tireless and high-profile campaign to ban the sale of puppies by third party sellers, the UK Government agreed to implement ‘Lucy’s Law’ in a bid to end the appalling puppy farming trade... Read More

Instagram partially blamed for animal welfare crisis - 27 Sep 2018
Animal welfare charity, the PDSA, have warned that the popular photo sharing site, Instagram, may be fuelling an animal welfare crisis in the UK, with many buyers solely relying on the site when deciding on which dog breed to purchase... Read More

Four month delay for pet passports if UK don't reach Brexit deal - 27 Sep 2018
You may be tired of hearing about ‘Brexit’ as it’s dominated our headlines for the last couple of years and even more so recently, as a deal for the UK is thrashed out. However, if you’re a pet owner and planning to travel, this is one piece of Brexit news you may want to learn more about... Read More

Dogs stolen by fake SSPCA officers and used for dog fighting - 26 Sep 2018
Police in Lanarkshire, Scotland, are warning dog owners to be vigilant of criminals claiming to be SSPCA officers, who are then ‘seizing’ dogs and using them as bait in illegal dog fights... Read More

New 2018 Breeding Regulations - 14 Sep 2018
Following the high-profile Lucy’s law campaign which will put an end to third-party puppy sales, new guidelines regarding dog breeding in England, will come into effect from 1stOctober 2018... Read More

Profit before health: Parvovirus on the rise in Britain due to breeders not vaccinating - 13 Sep 2018
It’s well known that unscrupulous breeders and puppy farmers put profit before health when it comes to breeding and selling puppies. Not vaccinating dogs against deadly diseases is just one of the ways greedy breeders save money, and this is now having a devasting effect in the UK... Read More

Shocking statistics show over 31% of puppies bought online become ill or die in the first year - 03 Sep 2018
Research has shown that a third of buyers that bought their puppies from online adverts, faced emotional distress and financial difficulties as their puppy became ill or sadly died, all in the first year since purchase... Read More

Northern Ireland in stalemate over the puppy farm ban - 30 Aug 2018
Despite Lucy’s Law finally getting the go-ahead, Belfast City Council have said they’re unable to introduce the ban on third party puppy and kitten sales, due to the stalemate situation in Stormont.  .. Read More

Lucy’s Law Victory: What happens next in the war against puppy farms? - 23 Aug 2018
The Government has backed the ban of third party puppy and kitten sales in the UK. But what does this mean for existing puppy farms and dealers, and are there any loopholes that can be exploited to enable them to continue?.. Read More

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