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The truth about pre-Christmas abandonment of older dogs - 06 Dec 2018
Rescues and pounds in Ireland have been inundated with older dogs being left or abandoned to make way for a new puppy at Christmas as reported in the Irish Examiner. It isn’t just rescues in Ireland that are full to bursting with older dogs for this reason, many rescues in England are reporting much the same. We all know the type of breeder that will be flooding the market with puppies at this time of year, they are puppy farmers to be precise and are to be avoided at all costs... Read More

Paltry 9 month prison sentence given to puppy dealer Leigh Hancock - 05 Dec 2018
Leigh Hancock appeared at Gloucester Crown Court on Friday the 30th November charged with money laundering and making misleading statements when selling puppies... Read More

Evil Bexleyheath puppy farmer given a suspended sentance - 27 Nov 2018
Suspended sentence given to puppy farmers Glen Hayes and Janet Oxlade who kept dogs and cats in squalid, cramped conditions in Bexleyheath, South London and profited from their suffering... Read More

Myerscough Vets finally withdraw their services to Douglas Hall Kennels - 18 Nov 2018
Too little too late? Finally after years of tireless campaigning there has been a breakthrough. Douglas Hall Kennels openly sell puppy farmed puppies via their establishment in Pendle in Lancashire. Until now Myerscough Vets have supported and been the main care provider to Douglas Hall Kennels' puppies. They have categorically said that the welfare has been 'acceptable' to them, what has changed?.. Read More

Little Rascals Puppy Farm in Lincolnshire raided at long last - 15 Nov 2018
Little Rascals based in Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire was raided on Tuesday morning, 13th of November by Lincolnshire Police Special Constabulary, RSPCA (England & Wales) and the Dogs Trust in attendance... Read More

Are the online pet classified websites doing enough? - 13 Nov 2018
With the rise of internet purchasing, buying animals online has become an unregulated springboard for rogue dealers who use sites to sell often ill and badly bred animals. What are selling sites such as Gumtree doing and is it enough?.. Read More

Owner of 4 Paws Rescue to face charges for 51 acts of cruelty - 20 Oct 2018
4 Paws Veterinary clinic and rescue centre which was based in South Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, was raided back in March 2018 by the RSPCA and Humberside Police. Over 160 animals were removed from the premises... Read More

Could Wales be next to implement Lucy’s Law? - 09 Oct 2018
After a tireless and high-profile campaign to ban the sale of puppies by third party sellers, the UK Government agreed to implement ‘Lucy’s Law’ in a bid to end the appalling puppy farming trade... Read More

Instagram partially blamed for animal welfare crisis - 27 Sep 2018
Animal welfare charity, the PDSA, have warned that the popular photo sharing site, Instagram, may be fuelling an animal welfare crisis in the UK, with many buyers solely relying on the site when deciding on which dog breed to purchase... Read More

Four month delay for pet passports if UK don't reach Brexit deal - 27 Sep 2018
You may be tired of hearing about ‘Brexit’ as it’s dominated our headlines for the last couple of years and even more so recently, as a deal for the UK is thrashed out. However, if you’re a pet owner and planning to travel, this is one piece of Brexit news you may want to learn more about... Read More

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