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Cilla was adopted by Carol Iles in January 2016.

Cilla ex breeding dog

She was an ex puppy farm girl but not advertised as one. This 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl was advertised as a much loved pet.

A tiny pretty girl, but would be nervous until she got to know you. She had also lived outside and was crate trained.

Cilla’s real history

In reality this girl was terrified of everything and everyone. A mouth full of rotten teeth and underweight at only 3 kgs.

Poor Cilla ‘stunk to the high heavens’ and already had 1 or 2 litters.

She was even too scared to go to the toilet. Her front teeth had been worn down due to the breeder using automatic feeders.

Life threatening infection

When Cilla was taken to be spayed the vets found the early stages of a very serious infection, Pyometra. This infection can be deadly if not treated urgently.

Carol named the ‘little dot of a girl’ Cilla, and said it has been a long road to gain her trust.

Settling in to home life

Luckily Carol had an older Cavalier called Ozzy, he took her under his wing. Cilla was scared of everyday household noises and hated anybody’s feet anywhere near her. She belly crawled everywhere for the first couple weeks and had many little accidents in the house, which Carol ignored and cleaned up.

Carol used to wrap her in a blanket and lay her on her knee while she was working at the computer. She wouldn’t move, she just froze where she was.

Gradually she started learning to trust Carol and her husband, the little morsels of food did help as she was, and still is very food orientated, her nickname is Miss Piggy!

Carol started to take her out more, but she was terrified of traffic, so she put her in the pet stroller to take her somewhere quiet.

Carol also took her to Cavalier meets and her confidence grew more and more, she is now very outgoing and adventurous but it has taken a long time.

Cilla will have a tantrum if Carol is late in putting her food down, a typical redhead in that way! If Carol get the brush out, she is first in the queue as grooming means a treat!

She will let Carol clean her teeth, put ear drops in and trim her feet. Cilla will still not let anyone go anywhere hear her rear end, she doesn’t like it and is afraid. Even now after 3 year she will still freeze when she is picked up, but she has come a very long way from being that scared little girl.


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