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April 2018

The night before hospital

Mummy has forced me against my will to have a bath, I am not at all impressed and tried to jump out. Then the hairdryer came out, I don’t like it, it’s noisy and scary.

March 2018

Me and my bestie Georgie

I had a good day playing with my best friend in the whole World, Georgie. Mummy thought it would be funny if we had Batman and Robin outfits so ordered them from America, that sounds

Heart surgery cancelled

My heart surgery date has been put back so I can start treatment for the horrid parasites called Giardia that are living inside my tummy. I have a white powder on my dinner for 10

I tested positive for Giardia

Mummy got a phone call from the vets, she said it’s not good news. My poo test results are back and I have something called Giardia. It might mean my heart surgery will need to


Mummy is back from Crufts, she has been away gallivanting with other doggies and now expects cuddles from me even though she left us with Nanny all day. She has bought me a toy where

Another bath!

I had a bath today. I think no doggy should have to have baths. I lay next to the Aga to dry with my friend Wilma Basset, she is good for cuddles.

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