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May 2018

My Photo Shoots

Luckily I am a natural poser! I love having my photo taken and part of my puppy training is to sit and 'wait' so I'm getting lots of practice. I should be top of the

April 2018

Thank you for your support!

Mummy and I are overwhelmed by the support we have received following the BBC Rogue Traders episode. We could not be more grateful for your help sharing my posts and helping to raise awareness. The

I’m in a drawing by Robert Clarke!

Robert Clarke did a drawing of me! What do you think? Look it's me! Robert draws and paints lots of doggies for rich and famous people, his website is here- http://www.robertjamesclarkeart.com/

Oops my dressing fell off

I got taken in the car today with my friend Oliver. My groin dressing had come loose so Mummy said we needed to go to the vets to get a new one. I got a

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