I got taken in the car today with my friend Oliver. My groin dressing had come loose so Mummy said we needed to go to the vets to get a new one.

I got a new sticker on my groin, it was sore when the other one came off. Mummy and the vet were talking for ages so I got bored and nodded off on top of Oliver, well until he stood up and I fell over!  They seemed happy to see me and I know they were talking about me a lot.

They were also talking about Honey as she is still poorly, the nasty virus I passed on to her might have damaged her intestines so they need to do more tests on Wednesday. She is very old so they are worried.

Milo black suitMy dressing has fallen off again! Mummy found another one at home, will get that off before long too I’m sure.

Oh I am so clever, I pulled the nozzle off my inflatable collar so now it’s broken! Back in the suit again.