As you may have seen on my Facebook page I have a new friend called Ollie. He couldn’t stay with his owner so was handed over to rescue.

Ollie was very poorly and couldn’t wee, he was really struggling and in a lot of pain. Mummy took him to our nice vets and they said he had some stones in his bladder and they were very big.

Ollie’s Cystostomy surgery

He went in to have his surgery (which is called an open cystostomy) on Friday.  The vet removed a total of 7 stones, one was massive measuring 5cm x 4.5cm and it looked just like a potato. No wonder my friend was in so much pain.

He also had a lump removed from his lower leg.

When the vet needed to suture Ollie’s bladder back up she was having a hard time, his bladder lining had been so inflamed from the stones it was difficult to stitch as it is now very friable. She was worried that the wound may break down.

7 bladder stones removed from Cavalier King Charles

Ollie had a terrible night on Friday. He was crying in pain most of the night and mummy and him didn’t get any sleep.

Poor Ollie was in lots of pain

On Saturday morning he went to see the vet and she said he was doing well and things looked good so far. He had an extra painkiller injection that helped him sleep most of the day.

That night he was crying again a lot, he needed to keep going out to the toilet and was in a lot of pain.

Sunday morning Ollie had improved quite a bit, he still wanted to go for lot’s of wee’s but seemed more relaxed.

Lab results so far

Some of Ollie’s results are back showing he has a urinary tract infection and crystals in his urine. He is on antibiotics for 6 weeks initially. Mummy and the vet are waiting for the other lab results for the stones so we can find out what type they are, this will determine his treatment plan going forwards as we don’t want these nasty stones coming back again.

In the next week or two he will also start taking heart medication as he has Mitral Valve Disease and has an enlarged heart. He needs to just get back on his paws first.

Then he needs a dental, his poor mouth is so sore he dribbles a lot and it must be very sore in there.

I am doing my best to look after Ollie and have been teaching him where the treats are and that mummy responds to barking!

Love and licks, Milo xx