Today the parents were rushing around packing things into bags, my toys even went in with my favourite blanket and food. There was water leaking from their eyes when we got into the car.

We arrived at Willows referrals in the afternoon, it rained the whole way there. In the waiting room there were other doggies that seemed worried, some were crying and others looked sad.

In waiting room at Willows

Look how patient I am!

We met a nice lady vet called Brigite and some other vet people. I didn’t really know what was happening but I got cuddles from them and a biscuit too. Mummy gave them my food, doesn’t she know that’s my food? Brigite showed Mummy some things on the computer then Mummy was sad and passed me to a lady and left me there.

It wasn’t that bad when Mummy went, there were nice people there that cuddled me a lot and gave me some tasty chicken and fish. I had some tests done on my chest, Brigite needed to measure some things and check my blood ready to put in the metal plug tomorrow.

Looks like I am staying the night.