Luckily I am a natural poser! I love having my photo taken and part of my puppy training is to sit and ‘wait’ so I’m getting lots of practice. I should be top of the class when I go to puppy training school!

Mummy has also been taking photos of me in the garden when I’m playing with my friends. Sometimes we look very funny in our action shots!Betty Hound oops

The Basset Hounds, Betty and Wilma, have funny faces in photos because of their loose skin. Bassets are very silly and I love nothing more than to sleep on top of them in our bed. They are like my surrogate aunties and took me under their wing when I arrived here. They were Mummy’s to lots of puppies when bad men had them too.

Betty Hound is the funniest in photographs!

Photo shoot with Phil Hargreaves

Mummy cannot take credit for all of my photographs!

Milo and Georgie

This one is one of my favourites with Georgie my best friend in the whole wide World.

Phil Hargreaves is an award winning photographer based in Lancashire that I go to for professional photos. He is a kind man who donates a proportion of his fee to a dog rescue called Pendle Dogs In Need in Pendle Lancashire.

I am going back to see Phil at the studio next week for another shoot.

You can check out Phil’s work at his website here-