I got woken up in the night, the nice vet ladies gave me food- in the middle of the night yes-weird! I got even more cuddles, then went back to sleep.

(Puppies metabolise food much more quickly than older dogs and it’s very important that they do not miss a meal. Food is given at 2am ensuring plenty of time for the food to be metabolised prior to anaesthetic)

When I woke up when the sunshine was in the sky there wasn’t any more food. They were cuddling me again and then I had to go to sleep again.

Brigite rang Mummy to let her know things had gone really well, I’m sure Mummy was relieved!

When I woke up I felt quite sleepy still and I have got a plaster on. They said more tests later but tests are ok. I also got some nice chicken and fish again, I could get used to this. I’m so sleeeepy….