Today Mummy and I decided it was time to launch my very own Facebook page Milo’s Puppy Mission

Facebook Milos Puppy Mission

I was very excited after last night, hoomans were saying I was famous because I was on TV telling other hoomans about the bad men. I was very happy with the program because lots of people saw the bad men and I think it might stop them selling more sick puppies like me.

If you missed Watchdog Rogue Traders you can watch it here on iPlayer Catch Up

I have decided to use my fame and cute face to tell lots more hoomans about the bad men that are all over the UK.

Overwhelming support

When we put the page live I couldn’t believe my eyes, so many hoomans came and posted lovely comments and shared my page. I am so happy because this might help stop poor doggies like my dog Mummy being treated so badly, thinking about those doggies makes me very sad.

Some people have messaged us to tell us about their puppies that they bought from the bad men, those puppies were sick too. I have talked to them and they said I can share their stories too which is very kind of them and very brave too. Apart from the sick puppies on Rogue Traders I know of 5 more now and there are more hoomans that are going to message me.

Some things I heard today made me even more sadder, I might be able to tell you about those things soon I hope.

Mummy and the other page admin were working all day and evening to make sure all of the messages got answered. Thank you from the bottom of my (fixed!) heart for your support. We cannot make a difference without you.

Hot day!

A quick sniff around the garden with my friend Charlie

Today was very hot, the hottest I have ever felt in my life so far! The parents put on the machine that makes the house like a fridge and I wasn’t allowed outside for very long.

I love the sunshine but haven’t got a pause button, I keep running around even when Mummy is calling me! I have got lots of energy now the vet lady Brigite fixed my heart.

I am going to doggy training school when I am fully recovered to meet more puppies, sounds like fun! I can be more like a normal doggy now and I love it!