I don’t like this heat, none of us do in my pack. We are pretty fed up with it as it has gone on for such a long time.

Mummy was horrified on Monday, she had been to the vets with Ollie and on their way there in the car they saw more than 10 dogs being walked. The temperature was 32 degrees Celsius and it was the hottest part of the day.

We are lucky that we have air conditioning at our house so we do keep cool, even that isn’t 100% effective though as we still need to go outside to go to the toilet and to stretch our legs.

What can we do to help dogs in this heat?

  • Do not walk dogs during the day. If you must walk them then take them very early in the morning and very late at night. It will not hurt them to exercise and go to the toilet in the garden while it’s so hot.
  • Never leave a dog in the car- not even for a minute. Police are still receiving many reports of dogs being left in hot cars.
  • Close curtains and blinds- this stops the sun heating rooms further.
  • Make sure plenty of water is available- fresh drinking water needs to be available, you can add ice cubes to make it cooler.
  • Fans and air conditioning units help a lot- Fans can really help us, make sure the breeze created is at our level so we can really benefit from it. Air conditioning is gold standard- of course not everyone has it in the UK as it’s usually not this crazy hot!
  • Cooling mats- These are great. They are filled with special gel and when dogs sit or lay on them the gel activates and makes the mat cool. The only downside is if your dog chooses not to lay on them- or if you have a silly Cocker Spaniel that eats everything including cooling mats! Ahem Charlie….
  • Milo’s top tip- Cooling jackets- Our absolute favourite cooling down ‘tool’ is the cooling jackets that you soak in water. These jackets absorb and hold water, when worn they feel so cool and help tremendously.

Milo wearing dog cooling jacket

Dogs with heart problems

This morning my friend Shiver has been struggling with her breathing, Mummy had to rush her to the vets. She is now in heart failure and had some fluid on her lungs, this weather is not helping her at all. She has got some more medication, it is only a temporary sticking plaster though and we don’t know if it will work. She does seem much happier now though and is fast asleep.

We are members of quite a lot of dog Facebook groups and have noticed a huge increase in dogs becoming ill recently, it is no coincidence that it has happened while we have such hot weather.

Dogs that have heart problems need extra cooling measures during this heat, it is hard enough for a healthy dog to cope. Cavaliers like me commonly suffer from Mitral Valve Disease and many big dogs suffer from heart problems too.


Level 3 weather warning issued

Worryingly the Met Office has issued a level 3 weather warning for the next few days.

Met Office warning

There is likely to be ‘exceptionally’ hot weather on Friday 27th July and in some places a weather warning for thunderstorms has also been issued.

Depending where you are in the UK you may need to take the advice of the Met Office and take some action to keep yourself and your dogs safe.

The Met Office said: “Very hot and humid weather is forecast to become established across much of England during Wednesday and Thursday, then continuing into Friday.

Whilst most areas will see a period of hot weather, the highest temperatures are expected across eastern parts. It will also be feeling humid, with temperatures remaining warm overnight.”

Some areas mainly in the East of England are at risk of flooding on Friday during the storms that are forecast.


Stay safe in the heat and storms everyone. Love Milo xx