Great news today, Mummy and Daddy are picking me up today!

I think some hooman vet nurses will be sad, I have been giving them lots of cuddles while I’ve been here. They all say I’m cute, I must be!

The parents arrived in the afternoon, don’t know where they have been all day! Mummy was talking to Marc about me, they said I am a lucky puppy and very strong.

Mummy is still worried about me and was asking could I be ill again and asking about how long we have to wait for my heart surgery. Marc said it would be best if I weigh more than 5kg so I can have the non-invasive surgery at the Willows in Solihull.

I wish they would stop talking so I can go home!

I’m off home!

Finally, we are going home! I had one last cuddle with the vet nurse lady who looked after me, she was sad I was right! Then a few people at reception were talking to me! My ego is getting big!

Mummy was so happy she wanted a photo to remember today by…

Milo leaving Pride