7am– I feel great! I’m bouncing around and feel amazing! I’m keeping the vet people busy, have been having lots of fuss and they keep saying I am cute. They said I am going home soon, not long now…

8:30 am– Mummy is here with watery eyes again. She said we are going home to see Daddy and my friends, I’m so excited! Brigite and her vet ladies were sad I was going but happy too, they said my heart is fixed! The silly vessel has been blocked up with a plug and I feel great!

9:00am– Mummy said the car has a puncture so we had to stop to get a new tyre. I sat inside on Mummy’s lap while men changed the tyre. There was a nice lady talking to us, we told her all about bad puppy farmers and my heart surgery. She said she didn’t know puppy farms were still around and was sad about what happened to me. She wants to get a doggy, we told her to be careful and to make sure the mummy dog is living like a princess like all dogs should!

14:00pm– We are home! Everyone was so happy to see me, especially Georgie! Parents said perhaps Georgie and me should be apart for a few days because I immediately tried to wrestle him to the ground! This is sad for me because he is my bestie and we were only playing. That’s not allowed so they say, not yet.

Milo I’ve had some lunch and tasty treats. I’m stuck with boring Shiver and even more boring Basset Hounds Betty and Wilma. They just go to sleep except when they are eating or jumping up at Mummy. When there is water coming down from the sky like today they don’t like outside and sometimes poo indoors! Oh and that’s the other thing, no running! I am stuck on a lead for a few days.

I have to wear a suit would you believe! I am very annoyed, I want to get at the stitches in my groin where Brigite made a hole so I am scratching my chin instead. Mummy isn’t happy about this.

23:00 Daddy said to Mummy ‘’Someone take the batteries out of the puppy!’’ I’m wide awake and ready to play!