I have 2 new lovely doggy sisters called Disney and Summer. They were breeding dogs at a kennels and were surrendered last month.

We had to go a very long way in the car to get them and thank goodness we did. I sat in the back in my bed and was so patient that I got lots of treats and a chicken dinner!


Summer is a Tricolour Cavalier, she’s about 8 years old. Poor Summer has a very loud heart murmur and has been to see the cardiologist. The vets could see a mass on her Echo (ultrasound that looks at the heart) so were worried it could be a tumour, thankfully it wasn’t a tumour but her mitral valve is leaky and her heart is enlarged. She is on heart medication now which is making her feel much better and hopefully buy her some more time.

She was very underweight and needs to gain 2.5kg in total, she has put on some of that but needs to be more like a piggy like me! She has 2 luxating patellas, this means her knees are dislocating out of their socket. She cannot have surgery as the anaesthetic risk is too high. Summer also has a scabby, bald and broken tail.

Summers dental chartYesterday the hoomans were very worried, she had her dental. As her heart is so bad the anaesthetic is quite risky, our amazing vet took great care of Summer and she breezed through. My poor friend lost every tooth except one of them. Her tongue is now hanging out, I had a smell of her tongue and it’s weird!

Her dental chart shows all of her teeth that were missing before the procedure (letter m) and all that were extracted because they were rotten (letter x).

Summer is a very special friend to me, I need to teach her a few things now she won’t be in pain anymore. Life for Summer starts now!


Disney is a Ruby Cavalier aged 10, she is a very sweet girl but is very traumatised.

She has recently had a litter of puppies and had been kept in kennels, or some kind of outside pen. When she was younger she was a pet dog- then was passed on to a breeder to use. We think this is why she is such a troubled girl, she went from being a loved dog to being used to breed lots of puppies.

Disney has awful nightmares, around the same time every night she starts panting and crying. Mummy has to take her for cuddles and a biscuit to help her forget. She has special tablets for her anxiety, a pheromone collar and a plug in. She gets very stressed if she cannot see Mummy and screams and is very scared of the dark.

Disney teeth before dental

Disney had to have all of her teeth removed last week, every single one was rotten and disgusting.

What I think…

I am very sad for my sisters but I know they get their happy ending now. They will never know pain or suffering again and I will help the hoomans look after them.

Greedy hoomans- how do you sleep at night? How could you use my poor friends to line your pockets yet not even give them the most basic care?

To breed from a dog with a high grade heart murmur is unforgivable, she could have died but not only that, the puppies will also most likely have early onset Mitral Valve Disease.

How could you breed from a 10 year old dog? Would you expect your elderly mother to give birth age 70?

Do you think you would be fine with a mouth full of rotten teeth?

I hope and cross my paws that Lucy’s Law will really help stop these nasty hoomans from abusing beautiful dogs like my friends.


I can’t post the pictures of my friends just yet, I promise I will as soon as I am allowed.

Love and licks, Milo xxx