I woke up coughing a bit this morning, the cough was going but now it has come back a bit.

I had a normal morning, playing, eating and cuddling Daddy. By the afternoon I was very poorly.

Daddy gave me some dinner and I wouldn’t eat it, I didn’t want it because I felt ill. I am a fussy eater so no alarm bells to the parents just yet.


Mummy had noticed my breathing was fast and I was struggling so wanted to check my respiratory rate (my breaths per minute). She said it was 36 and we needed to go to Pride Veterinary in Derby as an emergency.

I was coughing the whole way there, a long raspy cough that I haven’t done before. Mummy rang to tell them we were coming in so they were ready for me.

When we got there a hooman vet lady put a stethoscope all over my body, she looked worried. She said to Mummy and Daddy that I had got fluid built up in my chest and she needed to call Marc. I also needed to go inside an oxygen kennel as I didn’t have enough oxygen. They put needles in me and took my blood then I went to sleep.

Mummy was outside crying and talking to the vet lady. She said she thought it was either pneumonia or heart failure but needed advice from Marc.

It was decided which tests were needed then Mummy and Daddy had to go home without me.


The vet lady rang Mummy very late at night to say it was looking like pneumonia as a secondary problem from the Kennel Cough.

That was the best news we could all hope for- what a thing to hope for- pneumonia is one of the worst things that can happen to a puppy.

I was settled and sleeping in the oxygen kennel. They had started me on IV antibiotics and all we can do now is pray.