Honey went to the vets for her vitamin B12 injection to help with her tummy, she said it’s a bit ouchie but got treats from Mummy. She also put some weight on which is good, it’s not often that doggies are supposed to put weight on!

She is taking antibiotics to help as well. The vets and Mummy are hoping Honey is getting better.

She seems fine to me, she’s always doing the pre-wash for the dishwasher and sticking her head into the fridge!

Honey and Milo

Honey and Coronavirus

This nasty virus was passed on by me because of where I came from. When breeders keep doggies in bad places without cleaning properly and have too many doggies crowded together it makes a virus easy to spread around.

Poor Honey has had this nasty Coronavirus bug and another one for weeks now. She has been a very poorly doggy and sometimes will not eat any food and has nasty poo’s. She is tired because of Malabsorbtion and has also lost weight because of it.

She hates baths but Mummy has to bath her lots of times because she gets her bum dirty.

Honey is an older doggy, she is 13 years old in fact. She was used on a puppy farm for breeding and Mummy rescued her 4 years ago. All of her teeth had to come out except just one, she eats well don’t worry!

Her eyes were terrible as her Dry Eye hadn’t been treated at all. She lost one eye to Glaucoma a couple of years ago and we have to put 8 lots of drops in her other eye every day to try to save it for as long as possible.

She looks a bit like a sheep with fur like cotton wool- don’t tell her I said that! But so cuddly when I go to sleep on her!