My fur sister Summer and I were very lucky to stay in a big four poster bed in Upton Upon Severn last month.

It is such a change in lifestyle for little Summer, prior to coming into rescue she had been a breeding dog. She is 9 years old and was bred from her whole life up until she came to live in my house a few months ago. Her health isn’t the best, she has a very loud heart murmur caused by her leaky Mitral Valve and she is on heart medication. She now has no teeth so her tongue hangs out but at least she’s not in pain anymore. Summer Cavalier four poster bed

Summer made a big impact on everyone she met that weekend, she is a very pretty girl and lots of people stopped to ask about her.

Her knees both luxate so she has to be carried or go in her buggy as she cannot walk too far. Some people think that it’s silly that dogs go in buggy’s, I think it’s great that they get to see the World rather than miss out.

One really good thing about going to places with Summer is that she always has extra food because she is very skinny. The hotel staff made her hard boiled eggs and chicken twice a day! They were so nice to us and I got extras too.

We were in the area to help out with a fundraising Cavalier meet, we raised lots of pennies to save even more Cavaliers which is good news.

My wish is that all doggies are treated like me and my friends, no doggy should be bred from to make money for bad hoomans.

Love and licks, Milo xx