This evening parents and all doggies were summoned to watch the box thing because I am on there with Mummy!

Mummy was very nervous as she didn’t know which parts would be shown of the day when they filmed at our house. She was also worried that she would look silly on the box- I never look silly, I always look cute.

The episode

Just in case anyone missed Rogue Traders you can watch it here on BBC iPlayer

The program started with my buddy Matt Allwright talking about the adverts, I think I can call Matt my buddy as he was very cuddly and played with me!

The adverts were of poor, sad puppies with a price tag on their heads. Over the months we noticed the bad men were charging a lot for the poorly puppies that hadn’t even been vet checked let alone health tested. The photos were staged in different parts of the farm house- the puppies never went into the house apart from having these photos taken and when they were in the ‘selling area’ when buyers came.

My part

My advert was made to pull at heart strings and skim over the fact I had a serious heart problem. I was sitting on a windowsill- not to be advised for any puppy. Milo's advert Sarah P BostonI was very sad in my photos and looked poorly, luckily some of Mummy’s friends saw my advert or I may not be here today talking to you.

It’s no secret that Mummy is involved with dog rescue, mostly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The Cavalier community is huge, so many hoomans love Cavaliers. Sadly this means Cavaliers are bred by bad people to make them money and they are very easy for them to sell.

She knew that a high grade murmur in a puppy could only mean one thing, that I was very poorly and needed to see a cardiologist urgently or I did not stand a chance of living.

Mummy rang to speak to ‘Sarah P’ and a man answered, he said Sarah P was his Mum and not around. He said his brother worked from home and would meet Mummy and she had to phone when she got there. They arranged to meet the next day at a place called ‘Tarka House’. He told Mummy my heart was getting better and had gone down to a grade 3 from a 4.5 (vets do not grade heart murmurs in decimal places- always 1-2-3-4-5-6)

Mummy could not find ‘Tarka House’ on Google maps or anywhere on the internet. On arrival there was indeed no ‘Tarka House’ so she phoned the bad men. They sent her a different way and told her to look out for a big Scottish flag outside. She went past and parked outside then the bad man phoned and said he couldn’t see the car, she had gone too far so had to turn around. The strange thing was the man on the phone wasn’t the man she was meeting, he said he wasn’t at home. Why didn’t the man at the house just speak to her himself.

She later found out the house had a different name- Jessamine House Farm.

Meeting Cameron

Cameron had an Essex accent and was very upbeat. He rushed Mummy into the back porch where I was. My fake doggy Mummy was with me. I was inside a crate fast asleep and she was the other side of the porch looking very scared and was shaking.

The bad man grabbed me and gave me to my hooman Mummy, I started coughing. Cameron said I had been purchased by someone else and bought back, he said I was coughing because they had taken me to dog training! He said it was Kennel Cough and he couldn’t believe people would be so stupid to take puppies to dog training without vaccinations!

He said my heart was getting better, it had been worse when I was younger but it could still be something bad. Or maybe I would live until I was 15!

My dodgy paperwork

He went to get the ‘paperwork’. Hooman Mummy sat down on the floor with me and the other poor, sad doggy. She couldn’t stand very well as her knees were luxating and she was so scared. Her collar, like mine, was so tight it was cutting into her neck. Hooman Mummy was trying to loosen it but Cameron came back.

Milo's Contract

Hooman Mummy wanted to take the other poor doggy, she asked the bad man if she could buy her. He said no she was a family pet. Hooman Mummy offered him money but he said no.

The bad man gave us some antibiotics for my cough, they did not come in a box with my name on, just a blister pack. He wrote the dose down on the back of a piece of paper. That piece of paper was also meant to be my ‘vaccination card’ and contract.

My date of birth is written on the ‘contract’ as 8/11/17, at that time that would have made me 8 weeks old, my advert said I was 12 weeks old.

Cameron made sure to note that I was ‘sold with a heart murmur’.

I didn’t get a proper vet vaccination card, just two stickers with no vet signatures.

He gave Mummy a card with my microchip number on it- later the vet couldn’t find a microchip in me.

Not a breeder, first and only litter

Hooman Mummy asked Cameron if he had bred dogs before and he said it was the first time, he said it made him too sad when the puppies went to their new homes. I was the last in the litter to find a home and he said the house would be quiet without us puppies.

We paid the bad man then left. No food, no advice- which may be not a bad thing knowing now what his advice is!

As we were going to the car a man appeared at the gate. He commented on how cute I was and said he was there to pick up his puppy! Hooman Mummy knew then exactly what kind of a place was operating and we got out of there fast because she was crying and didn’t want them to see.

What happened next

As you all know things for me were not plain sailing. I was urgently referred to a cardiologist for my heart at Pride Referrals in Derby. I was diagnosed with a PDA- Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Kennel Cough and Parasites.

The veterinarians all concluded that it was likely that I had not been vaccinated so at every visit I must be isolated.

A couple of weeks later I had Bacterial Pneumonia as an emergency relating to the Kennel Cough and Giardia was also diagnosed.

My doggy friends at home also caught the Kennel Cough from me even though I had been isolated from them. Mummy was very worried as some of them are old with other health problems. They all needed antibiotics. Gracie my doggy friend went into respiratory distress suddenly, Mummy and the vet were very worried but luckily she responded to treatment.

Honey my 14 year old doggy friend is still very poorly, she picked up parasites and Giardia from me and it has caused Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She is having even more treatment at the moment and had some more tests this week. Everyone is very worried about her.

I finally had my heart surgery at Willows in Solihull on the 11th April. I’ve now had my stitches out and am a normal puppy. I go back to see the cardiologist in a few months to check the device is still in the right place, I might even be able to come off the heart medication too.

My vet bill is currently £9860.

How did Rogue Traders get involved?

Mummy spent a lot of time gathering evidence and then called the RSPCA, Trading Standards, East Lindsey Council and the Kennel Club back in January. NONE of them acted on the information given.

As a last resort with nowhere else to turn Mummy got in touch with BBC Rogue Traders who were happy to help exposing the bad men.

BBC Rogue Traders filming