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I am critically ill

I woke up coughing a bit this morning, the cough was going but now it has come back a bit. I had a normal morning, playing, eating and cuddling Daddy. By the afternoon I was very poorly. Daddy gave me some dinner and I wouldn't eat it, I didn't want it because I felt ill.

I went outside!

I wasn't sure what was happening at first. Mummy put a harness on me and something called a lead. She said only for a couple of minutes we would go outside onto the courtyard so I could get some fresh air. I was so excited and springing around everywhere! Mummy said I needed to calm

Photo shoot with Phil Hargreaves

Mummy put me into the car today after breakfast and we went on a very long journey. A friend of Mummy's has a husband who is a photographer called Phil, we were off to Lancashire to see him. He has won lots of awards for his pictures and takes photos of lots of doggies and

Bath time!

Today I am not at all impressed with Mummy and would like to lodge a complaint. She put me in the big kitchen sink into water (yes I know!) and gave me a bath! Can you believe this?! The bath was ok really, the thing blowing hot air was not ok.

Exciting News

Today was a good day, well more hopeful we think. I am a fuss-pot I started off my day coughing as usual, it's worse when I first wake up and I cough for a long time before I can get up properly. I had my breakfast, I am quite fussy with food and because I

Bad men

Mummy said she is trying to stop the bad men and needs some help from authorities. So far they haven't done anything to help her so she doesn't know what to do next. She has followed all the proper steps and no one will help. They said Mummy should take me back to the breeder.

Favourite toys

I have two favourite toys, one blue and fluffy and the other is a long colourful caterpillar! This one is very good for sleeping on top of! I also watched something called a whale on TV with Mummy, he was making funny noises and I loved it! I don't know how he gets inside that

Exploring time!

I'm having a great time! I have been exploring the house a bit, not all of it until my Kennel Cough has gone though. I cannot pass it onto the other doggies as some are old with health problems. Mummy said they are rescue dogs from puppy farms too but I am the youngest. I

A day with a Cardiologist

I didn’t get any breakfast this morning and was woken up early by Mummy. We had to go back in the car to see the cardiologist at Pride Referrals in Derby which is quite a long way. I like being in the car, I have a fabric crate with lots of snuggly blankets and toys

I came home

I have been put into a cage next to another doggy. I keep coughing and feel very tired. My collar is digging into my neck. A lady came and told me she would be my hooman Mummy. She picked me up and I was coughing a lot, she looked very worried. The man said I