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Heart surgery cancelled

My heart surgery date has been put back so I can start treatment for the horrid parasites called Giardia that are living inside my tummy. I have a white powder on my dinner for 10 days now, I can’t taste it on chicken- I'm sticking to that story! Surgery will now be 11th April.

I tested positive for Giardia

Mummy got a phone call from the vets, she said it’s not good news. My poo test results are back and I have something called Giardia. It might mean my heart surgery will need to be postponed. We are all shocked as I haven't had any symptoms and I only got tested for it because


Mummy is back from Crufts, she has been away gallivanting with other doggies and now expects cuddles from me even though she left us with Nanny all day. She has bought me a toy where I have to pull things out and find hidden biscuits. I think she should just give me the biscuits, it

Another bath!

I had a bath today. I think no doggy should have to have baths. I lay next to the Aga to dry with my friend Wilma Basset, she is good for cuddles.

Honey went for her injection

Honey went to the vets for her vitamin B12 injection to help with her tummy, she said it’s a bit ouchie but got treats from Mummy. She also put some weight on which is good, it's not often that doggies are supposed to put weight on! She is taking antibiotics to help as well. The

I’m going home!

Great news today, Mummy and Daddy are picking me up today! I think some hooman vet nurses will be sad, I have been giving them lots of cuddles while I've been here. They all say I'm cute, I must be! The parents arrived in the afternoon, don't know where they have been all day! Mummy

Getting better

I feel so much better now, my breathing is so much easier and I am a hungry puppy! Still fussy but definitely hungry. I think I have surprised the vet people at how well I am doing. The test results are not back yet but the antibiotics are working so they are quite sure I

A scary day

Mummy got a phone call from Marc to say I am doing much better this morning. I am out of the oxygen kennel and have been for most of the night. However, he needs to use this as an opportunity to find out what is wrong with me and wants to go ahead with the

The unknown

I am still on an IV drip in the oxygen kennel, not feeling any better yet. Marc is worried because the antibiotics should be helping but there is no change. He rang Mummy to tell her I might need a procedure but I am too weak at the moment. The procedure is called a Endotracheal