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I’m in a drawing by Robert Clarke!

Robert Clarke did a drawing of me! What do you think? Look it's me! Robert draws and paints lots of doggies for rich and famous people, his website is here- http://www.robertjamesclarkeart.com/

Oops my dressing fell off

I got taken in the car today with my friend Oliver. My groin dressing had come loose so Mummy said we needed to go to the vets to get a new one. I got a new sticker on my groin, it was sore when the other one came off. Mummy and the vet were talking

Honey is poorly

Parents are worried about my friend Honey. She has got a bad tummy again and is sad, she doesn’t even want biscuits. She has had her antibiotics and probiotics, Mummy hopes it might just be a flare up.

First ever walkies

Well today was better, much better. Mummy put my harness on and a lead, then said we are going for a short walkies! I didn’t know what walkies was so I springing around like a lamb trying to run back inside. Oliver had a lead put on as well then we went outside, then through

Boring day

The suit I was wearing got wet with pee so I have another one. I also want to report some abuse- I have been forced to wear an inflatable thing around my neck!! I hate it and am super annoyed. Look how grumpy I am! I had a quiet, boring day. Mummy is

I’m fixed- I’m going home!

7am- I feel great! I’m bouncing around and feel amazing! I’m keeping the vet people busy, have been having lots of fuss and they keep saying I am cute. They said I am going home soon, not long now… 8:30 am- Mummy is here with watery eyes again. She said we are going home to

My heart is fixed!

I got woken up in the night, the nice vet ladies gave me food- in the middle of the night yes-weird! I got even more cuddles, then went back to sleep. (Puppies metabolise food much more quickly than older dogs and it’s very important that they do not miss a meal. Food is given at

My stay at Willows

Today the parents were rushing around packing things into bags, my toys even went in with my favourite blanket and food. There was water leaking from their eyes when we got into the car. We arrived at Willows referrals in the afternoon, it rained the whole way there. In the waiting room there were other

The night before hospital

Mummy has forced me against my will to have a bath, I am not at all impressed and tried to jump out. Then the hairdryer came out, I don’t like it, it’s noisy and scary. Mummy gave up as I made myself so slippery and wriggly! Tehe! She has also been washing my toys, I

Me and my bestie Georgie

I had a good day playing with my best friend in the whole World, Georgie. Mummy thought it would be funny if we had Batman and Robin outfits so ordered them from America, that sounds a far away place! Georgie had a bath and blow dry, I think he will be muddy again later.