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Keep your dogs cool in this heatwave

I don't like this heat, none of us do in my pack. We are pretty fed up with it as it has gone on for such a long time. Mummy was horrified on Monday, she had been to the vets with Ollie and on their way there in the car they saw more than 10

Ollie is starting to feel better

As you may have seen on my Facebook page I have a new friend called Ollie. He couldn't stay with his owner so was handed over to rescue. Ollie was very poorly and couldn't wee, he was really struggling and in a lot of pain. Mummy took him to our nice vets and they said

A ray of hope for dogs in the UK

I haven't written for my diary for a long time oops! I have been a busy puppy since my social media pages went live, mummy and I are overwhelmed at the support all of my lovely followers have given me. We have many more plans in the pipeline too and I am very excited about

My Photo Shoots

Luckily I am a natural poser! I love having my photo taken and part of my puppy training is to sit and 'wait' so I'm getting lots of practice. I should be top of the class when I go to puppy training school! Mummy has also been taking photos of me in the garden when

Thank you for your support!

Mummy and I are overwhelmed by the support we have received following the BBC Rogue Traders episode. We could not be more grateful for your help sharing my posts and helping to raise awareness. The Petition Honestly, we were getting somewhat fed up and annoyed at the Lincolnshire authorities passing the buck to each other-

My Facebook page went live, very busy day!

Today Mummy and I decided it was time to launch my very own Facebook page Milo's Puppy Mission I was very excited after last night, hoomans were saying I was famous because I was on TV telling other hoomans about the bad men. I was very happy with the program because lots of people saw

BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders Puppy Farm Episode April 2018

This evening parents and all doggies were summoned to watch the box thing because I am on there with Mummy! Mummy was very nervous as she didn't know which parts would be shown of the day when they filmed at our house. She was also worried that she would look silly on the box- I

I’m in a drawing by Robert Clarke!

Robert Clarke did a drawing of me! What do you think? Look it's me! Robert draws and paints lots of doggies for rich and famous people, his website is here- http://www.robertjamesclarkeart.com/

Oops my dressing fell off

I got taken in the car today with my friend Oliver. My groin dressing had come loose so Mummy said we needed to go to the vets to get a new one. I got a new sticker on my groin, it was sore when the other one came off. Mummy and the vet were talking

Honey is poorly

Parents are worried about my friend Honey. She has got a bad tummy again and is sad, she doesn’t even want biscuits. She has had her antibiotics and probiotics, Mummy hopes it might just be a flare up.