I didn’t get any breakfast this morning and was woken up early by Mummy. We had to go back in the car to see the cardiologist at Pride Referrals in Derby which is quite a long way.

I like being in the car, I have a fabric crate with lots of snuggly blankets and toys in.

Heart tests

There was a nice vet man who is a cardiologist intern and he cuddled me first, then I met another man called Marc who is the cardiologist at Pride. He said my heart murmur is grade 5, Mummy had wet eyes again and then had to go and leave me there.

I had to be sleepy for some tests. They took some of my blood which was ouchy then they made me sleepy so they could do an ECG, a scan and some X Rays of my chest.

They said I must go into isolation because I haven’t been vaccinated and I have kennel cough. This means all vets had to wash and get changed if they touched me, I could not be near any other doggies.

Bad news

Mummy eventually came back for cuddles and to take me home. Marc said he had some bad news to tell her.

I have a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) – There is a vessel that should close at birth but it has not. If left I will go into heart failure and am likely to die before I am 12 months old.

Surgery is available to correct this problem but I am too small and I have kennel cough so we have to wait until I am bigger and better.

The tricuspid valve in my heart is mildly deformed, we don’t know what this means yet.

I also have a high level of parasites in my body because I have not been wormed.

I have kennel cough, they said it is likely due to the bad conditions I have been living in. Marc said this could lead on to be very serious with my heart problems so Mummy has to be very careful with me. If I don’t get better very soon I need more tests.

For now I have tablets; antibiotics for the kennel cough, Pimobendan for my heart and some Panacur for my parasites. Mummy puts them in cheese for me which is tasty!

I have found some new toys at home tonight, also Mummy has put a jumper on me to keep my chest warm. I was very hungry tonight!

Milo with toys